Joint replacement surgeries high in India

India is one of the countries across the world that is making its place in the joint replacement surgeries. The place is gaining popularity for the joint replacement surgeries and the country is the hub for the expertise in the orthopedics. A few years back, there were around one lakh joint replacement surgeries performed in the whole country. Gradually, there has been an increase in the number of surgeries performed every year. It is believed that in the coming next 10 years, India will be counted as the top country in the world for the highest number of surgeries related to the joint replacement. Therefore, with this aim, the junior doctors are eager to learn constantly from their senior doctors. In fact, in this field, new techniques are constantly developing to ease this whole procedure of joint replacement surgeries.

The top hospitals in India are offering advanced treatments for joint replacements including hip disorders, arthritis and so on. The procedure in the country has accounted for the 99% of the success rate. With this success rate, India is becoming the hot destination for the all the joint replacement surgeries. The main reason behind making India top choice for all these kinds of surgeries across the world is the expertise and the low-cost treatment offered in the country.

In fact, the young patients have also been the ones who gained an advantage from such kind of surgeries who are seriously suffering from secondary arthritis.

Every year, over 1 lakh patients are visiting India especially for the knee and hip surgeries. For any doubts, related to your joints problems, you can ask the experts at

The popularity of India as health tourism

As the popularity of the country is getting increased, the Government of India has taken some steps to ease the rule. Some of the restrictions are lifted to increase the health tourism in the country. With these fewer restrictions, people from all over the world can get benefits from the facilities provided by the hospitals of India. In the country, there are continuous improvements in the advancements of transplant process. All these advancements are helping in minimizing the invasive nature of complicated surgeries.

With the emergence as the excellence joint replacement surgeries, not only people from all over the world, but people within the country such as from rural and urban areas are also seeking opportunities for the treatments. Furthermore, after the surgeries, the patients are supported by the professional physiotherapists that will help them in recovering from the surgeries. These professionals will help them in getting detailed knowledge about the do and don’t after surgical procedure.

For every joint replacement surgery, one cannot ignore the significance of the physical therapy. These physical exercise therapist will help the patients in recovering fast from the surgery. After surgery, there are some after effects of the surgery too. To deal with these issues like prolonged as well as persistent pain, one definitely requires a physical therapy program. Along with the surgical programs, the hospitals also facilitate their patients with the physical therapy programs. The presence of these kinds of benefits is getting the popularity for the joint replacement surgeries in India.

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Joint replacement

Joint replacement is a kind of surgical procedure in which specialists will either remove or replace the damaged joint with the ceramic, plastic or metal device. The ceramic device is known as the prosthesis. This prosthesis will help the individuals in getting back the normal life and the individual’s joint can function normally.

In India, knee replacement surgery along with the hip replacement one is the most common joints replacement surgeries. People from all over the world come to the country to get the best results and wish to get back to a normal life after these surgeries. But the joint replacement surgeries are not limited to the hip and knee replacement surgery. The joint replacement surgery also includes surgeries of elbow, shoulder, wrists, and ankle.

Cost of joint replacement surgeries in India

The joint replacement surgeries in India are very cost-effective. Furthermore, when you approach any other part of the world for such kinds of treatments, then it will cut your pocket. But, if you want to have the latest treatment with the great success rate along with the cost-effective rate, then India is the great option for you.

India is the right place as here you will get the affordable treatment with the latest surgical treatments. When you undergo such surgeries, you will surely be able to walk and climb the stairs. These surgical procedures will restore the diseased and damaged part of the joints. Working with the diseased and damaged joints is really very difficult. To get rid of this problem, joint replacement surgery is your only solution.

In recent time, a survey has revealed that the joint replacement surgeries are performed at a very competitive price in India. Therefore, the country is attracting a large number of people from all over the world. Lots of people are coming to this land due to the advancements in the medical field. The country has the finest doctors and hospitals who are serving the people from all over the world.

Getting the world-class treatment at the affordable cost is best available in the hospitals of India. Here, you will get the specialized orthopedics along with the joint replacement department that is the pioneer in the surgeries related to the joint replacements such as knee transplant, other knee related surgeries and so on in India. The highly competent hospitals in the country are always recommended for the joint replacement surgeries. The orthopedic departments in the hospitals are continuously upgrading themselves to equip themselves with the latest medical technology. For getting more information, you can contact us at


Cost of knee Replacement Surgery in India

The cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India varies depending upon the type of surgery- partial /total knee replacement, unilateral/ bilateral knee replacement, minimally invasive surgery etc. Good knee helps to live an active life. In India a large parts of the society is suffering from knee injury, arthritis or osteoarthritis which also forbids their everyday activities like walking and climbing the stairs, therefore in India and from different parts of the world people prefer knee replacement.

Knee replacement is a surgery or a procedure that repairs the diseased, damaged and worn out tissues off the knee joint. The surgical procedure is also called as knee arthoplasty. Doing work with damaged or broken knee is quite a tough task for any person, but age does it all. The only option available at the end is knee replacement. There are several reasons why people choose to do knee replacement in India. No trouble will be faced in doing the everyday tasks and can sit on floor or stand for long.

In present scenario, there is a great invasion of people arriving for knee replacement India. It’s true, according to the records, there are more than thousands of people who come to India for their medical check-ups and treatments and a greater portion of them is looking for knee replacement surgery in India.

You might be amazed why so? India is a country where medical surgeries and treatments are concerned. In India there are best hospitals and finest (knowledgeable) surgeons who are capable enough to provide the best and world class knee replacement surgery and treatment that too at cheaper and affordable cost as compared to others.

Cost of knee replacement in India

Indian hospitals recognised the significance of excellent health and well-being of patients and therefore have objectives to provide best knee replacement in India at honest affordable prices.

  1. Knee substitution or replacement surgical operation with best orthopaedic expertise in India.
  2. Hospitals in India offer feasible cost and price rates.

The replacement cost in India for knee starts from USD 5000 and differ with type of process, quality of implant, expertise, facility and the city where one choose to get the surgical done. It has become a walkover in India nowadays. At present mobility of knee has increase to a great extent. It has evolved surprisingly and today hospitals have cutting-edge equipment for attaining the surgery. Seemingly, there are different types of knee replacement surgical operations on much damaged and deterioration is there or the condition of your knee.

The average price rate of a total knee replacement surgery is around 3, 000 dollars to 9,000 dollars which means 2-6 lakhs INR.  It usually varies with the hospital and treatments provided. In Mumbai the cost of knee replacement is Rs 75000 to 2 lakhs, some additional cost of Rs 15,000 to 20,000 which is necessary for a good recovery.  For unilateral replacement cost is 5000-6000 and 11000-12000 for bilateral.

Hence knee replacement or knee arthoplasty is done to provide relief from acute pain that is osteoarthritis. If in case of total knee replacement artificial joints are used to substitute the knees which in turn necessitate surgery and hospitalization.

Both knee replacement patients doing brisk walk

I was pleasantly surprised to meet one of my patients, whom I had operated for both knee replacement a few years ago, doing a brisk walk in the park. Normally general perception is that knee replacement is the last resort, a salvage surgery, for osteoarthritis of the knees. People keep on postponing the surgery until they are unable to walk even after taking painkillers.
I always tell my patients that knee replacement will not increase the quantity of your age, but it will definitely improve the quality of your life. This patient is an affirmation of my belief and conviction. May she be bestowed with a long and healthy life.


Hip Replacement Surgery Success Rate India

Due to contemporary advancement in technology hip substitution or replacement fame has increased and climbed up. The methods of hip replacement and substitution have created this surgery parts and successfully mimic the body’s natural joints. Now a day’s hip replacement has become a one stop solution for patients with a wide range of medical diagnosis. With progress and improvement in equipment’s, know-how and the medical formation refinement of techniques and machinery has unlocked the routes or countless choices for people agonising from massive pain has consented the optimism of a vivacious quality of life beyond the development and expansion of a pain which was once a debilitating condition.

Thousands and hundreds of people agonising from arthritis come to India to have hip resurfacing not because of the effective cost but also for the competence, proficiency and expertise. One of the most successful surgical operation and cost effective involvement and intrusion is the hip replacement. Nearly 90% the success rate has reached its fame for joint replacement surgical. As the replacement surgery in India is comparatively low with foreign standard of care, best panel of hospitals for hip replacement surgery with latest medical technology. The success rate has increased just because of the great significance, excellent healthcare amenities and best hip replacement procedure in India with affordable prices. The results are effective as the pain is relieved pain and feels the increment in the range of motion.

With innumerable anticipations and deliveries, the hip replacement surgical operation is the effective and operative suppository that gives and reprieves the pain or reinstates the function in severely diseased joints. There is immediate progress in the number of patients meeting hip replacement surgery because the rate of implantations has decreased significantly in the present past. Wide range and variety of implementation are available.

The medical surgeon put forward their emphasis on constant innovation; this is because the hip replacement surgical operations are implemented at surprisingly affordable and feasible prices. An up-to-date and latest knowledge or know how is done by the experts and surgeon. However substitution surgery in India is the most suitable and apt course of alternative the physician will work with the patients to plan it at the best available amenities in India.

In recent time hip replacement surgical operation or therapy is becoming very common day by day with hips happening frequently. Patients visit from all walks of life and from different parts of the world for surgical treatment. The minimum amount of surgical operation united with a very invasive success rate. Among all the countries India is the best destination for successful hip replacement surgery, a group of top surgeons and best hospitals in India packs all over treatment in affordable cost or quite reasonable prices as compared to other nations. There is an instantaneous increase and progress in the number of patients undergoing hip replacement surgeries because the rate of implants has reduced significantly in the recent past.

Knee Replacement surgery cost in rupees

Over the last little span Knee substitution surgery has become quite popular and safe option for patients who have end-phase arthritis of the knee. When pain or ailment has intensified to such an extent than all other treatment modalities fail, knee substitution can aid the individual lead a pain-free life. Although sometime the fees or cost of a knee replacement method may dissuade patient from surgical operation.

This knee replacement or substitution is a common solution for people whose knee joints have become too worn from this corrosion. Throughout this total knee replacement, an expertise or surgeon eradicates the infected knee joint with a metal implantation which acts as the joint. This changes and smoothen the surface again so they can stretch and bend more easily and freely or painlessly. This is considered one of the harmless and safest and most effective procedures in orthopaedics.

Finest packages are proffered to patients that comprise verdict or analysis of the injury or the problem Rehabilitation, ailment and deterrence at unconditionally costs. Similar packages are presented to overseas and national patients as well as sports living. Henceforth, India has turned out to be an ideal destination and landing place for medical tourism determinations. Flawless, reasonable and efficient health care services are provided to international patients. Therefore consequently a pool of preeminent and dexterous expertise and hospital are there for knee replacement in India. Patients come from different facets of the world for surgical treatment and ailment. The minimum and least amount of surgical operation coupled with a very invasive success rate.

Looking at the current scenario, the budget of knee replacement in India is relatively less and is economical in contrast to other nations, varying upon the type of surgical operation –partial, total knee replacement, minimal invasive or bilateral surgery as someway the cost of knee replacement for a single rate comprises between approximately Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 3,70,000 and for bilateral the amount ranges from Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 6,50,000 and if for instance it is done with various other technique then it ranges from 4,50,000 to Rs. 6,50,000.

The country India has become well known and popular for the Joint replacement of knee surgical operation. Within massive innovation and development the knee replacement surgery has provided the patients with new salvation who are suffering with this ailment. The effectual cost has evoked people to come to India and have a knee replacement surgery. Many places in India have a lower rate of expense for knee replacement surgery, some of the common places are- in Delhi the average cost estimates up to RS. 182221 however in Bangalore cost amounts to Rs. 246533 whereas in Ahmedabad maximum cost ranges from Rs. 200043 to 275000, in Chennai minimum price is Rs. 67000 and in Noida the average cost is Rs. 205814 and maximum cost is Rs. 250000. There are some other parts to such as Gurgaon range up to Rs. 300000 whereas in Mumbai the affordable cost is Rs. 1900000, in Lucknow the maximum amount range up to Rs. 25000.

Knee Replacement market in India

A common joint replacement surgical operation is the knee replacement that are commenced and assumed for patients with knee detrimental diseases such as post-traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. The increasing number of patients whether young or elderly followed by the mounting number of surgical operation undertaken is estimated to grow the global knee replacement market in India.

The knee replacement surgery is comprehensive and all-encompassing of various steps taken to embed the artificial device and replacement of the damaged knee. Different types of implantations which are made of metal alloy, strong plastic or ceramic material.

One of the most operative/effective and widely used to alleviate the knee arthritis pain.  Hi-tech and scientific advancements in the knee replacement market such as improved implantations, minimal invasive surgery and the success outcome are allowing even the younger population to meet such a knee replacement surgery ultimately driving the global knee replacement market considerably.

The market for knee replacement in India is also promoted by the technical and scientific technologies such as 3D printed issued knee implantation which is being produced or manufactured by the U.S based medical company.

The evolving and emergent knee substitution has been experiencing and facing a chapter of new product advancement and developments due to greater market demand. The producing and manufacturing firms or companies are increasing their corresponding market share with hostile marketing activities and growing awareness among people.

Despite of being most widely operated or behaved method for healing and alleviating extremely devastating diseases, such as osteoarthritis, the knee substitution market is facing some dares such as economic slowdown that is averting and stopping the market from growing.

Indian market segmentation: knee replacement

The market segment for knee substitution is by product type:

  1. Firstly it is primary knee replacement
  2. Then it is primary cement less knee replacement
  3. Revision knee replacement
  4. Partial knee replacement

Knee replacement market – outlook

India being a developing nation is projected to be hypothetically growing in global knee replacement market with reference to the cumulative demand for knee implantation products containing the fact that these methods and devices that are considered overpriced and unaffordable about an era, are within financial reach of India’s growing middle classes.

The market for knee implantation is predicted to grow or increase due to several factors such as rising rate of old-age diseases likewise diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, ageing population and sport related injuries.

Contrariwise due to remaining and upcoming advanced technologies such as minimal invasive surgery operation and better implantation materials or commodities are making it more excessively accepted even by the younger masses and populace. The constant demand for knee replacement surgical operation devices is rushing across Asian regions.

Influences and aspects contributing to the rising demand are growing cognizance and responsiveness for the possible ailment or treatments, rising number of elderly population and following patients with joint infirmities. This knee substitution research report represents an inclusive and comprehensive assessment of the market and contains thoughtful insights, facts, statically supported historical data and industry authenticated market data.

Success Rate of Knee Replacement in India

In todays present era an individual health and bustle level are very much important than age in anticipating on venturing a knee replacement success. Surgeries are problematical for the one who have some health  concerns regardless of their age individuals at extreme risk for infections or in poor health are relatively less likely to recover or get well successfully hence they may not be much good applicants for this surgical operation.
There is instantaneous progress in the number of patients meeting joint replacement surgical operation because the rate of implants has reduced significantly in the recent past. Wide range and variety of implementation are available. The extension of outstanding hospitals orthopaedic surgeons has made their patients with the surpassing well equipped assistance. The physically tested medicine and rehabilitation packages have made hip resurfacing surgical operations successful and feasible in India.
The great success history of the medical science is the Joint Replacement Surgery in India. The usually performed process is the joint replacement surgery. Since 17th century determinations and exertions have been made to achieve positive outcome and results in both the hip and knee replacement surgical operations. With innumerable provisions and deliveries, the joint replacement surgery is the effective and operative medication to give release and reprieve the pain or reinstate the function in severely diseased joints.
We our thankful to the innovation and development in medical technology or Science, there are innumerable joint replacements present in today’s time to benefit the individual needs of the patients. The minimum range of surgical operation united and joined with a very invasive success ratio. Among all the countries India is the best landing place for successful knee replacement surgical operation, a group of top surgeons and expertise at best hospitals in India fills all over treatment in affordable cost or quite reasonable prices as compared to other countries.
One of the most successful surgery and cost effective involvement and intrusion is the knee replacement. Approximate 95% the success rate has reached its popularity for joint replacement surgical. As the replacement surgery in India is low with international standard of care, best panel of hospitals for hip replacement surgery and with latest medical technology. The success rate has increased just because of the great significance, excellent healthcare amenities and best hip replacement procedure in India with affordable prices. The results are effective as the pain is relieved pain and feels the increment in the range of motion.
Due to modern advancement and development in technology knee replacement popularity has risen up; the procedures of hip replacement which have produced this surgical operation parts and successfully mimic the body’s natural joints. As now a day’s total hip replacement has become a suitable solution for patients with a variety of medical diagnosis.  With advances in technology and the medical establishment refinement of techniques has opened the gateway or a myriad of choices for people suffering from severe pain and has permitted the hope of a vibrant quality of life beyond the development of a pain that was once a debilitating condition.