What is the cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India?

Knee replacement surgery is a dependable way to get rid of the knee or joint pain which is due to various reasons. Just like there are different ways to do the knee replacement surgery, there are different costs for the surgery depending on the condition of the joints. The type of surgery namely partial, total or bilateral knee replacement defines the cost of the knee replacement.

There are a few reasons that you should do your knee replacement surgery in India:

  • Cost is very low as compared to the surgery done in other countries like Japan and USA.
  • A team of experts or the best orthopaedic doctors are in India who will do the best surgery be it replacement or substitution.
  • Some of the best hospitals in India would be better than some general hospitals that you can afford at the same rate abroad which means you can get the replacement done in India at a better cost with better results.

The knee replacement cost in India starts from USD 5000. It is dependent on the expertise, quality of implant, type of process used for implantation, hospital in which the surgery is being done and the city where the hospital is located. The surgical equipments in some type of surgeries are customised according to the patient, which means there is additional cost added to the basic cost.

In INR it is about 3 to 6 lakhs INR which you will have to pay for a knee replacement surgery in average. Some additional cost of about 20,000 to 30,000 INR might be required for the miscellaneous expenses like the medicines and other things required for a good recovery.  The cost of Uni-lateral and Bi-lateral surgery also differs as the bi-lateral surgery is double the cost.

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Latest technology in Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Knee replacement techniques used in India have reached a different benchmark in today’s time. There are a lot of techniques which are added today which has replaced the traditional methods which were more painful and used to take much time for recovery. The new methods are used by the doctors in India which have reduced the discomfort and recovery time of the surgery.

The loss of time and the need of CT scan have also been eliminated from the knee replacement surgery. The recovery time has reduced to one to two months now due to the updated technologies that are used these days. Here are some of the types of knee replacement surgery in India:

PSI which stands for Patient Specific Instrument is the instruments which are used depending on the patient. The high alignment and sizing is done with the help of computer-generated images help in the best flexibility and hassle-free surgery.

BCS Knee replacement is the technology which is used to distinctly design the knee which is to be replaced. It helps in increasing the flexibility and natural movement of the knee. The best material is used in the technology for the increased durability. It is said that the material which is made up of zirconium and oxinium which has helped in increasing the durability to 30 years.

Some of the latest technologies used in knee replacement in India are:

  • Minimal Invasive Knee Surgery: In this knee replacement surgery, a small scar is made during the surgery and the blood loss is also reduced a lot. An incision of only four to five inches is made and there is lesser pain, faster recovery and many other benefits that this technique holds like less surgical trauma, lesser medication, post-operative pain is lesser and shorter hospital stay.
  • High Flex Knee replacement: This is one of the best techniques used for knee replacement in India as this provides a bending up to 155 degree and kneeling, squatting and crossing legs are permitted after the surgery due to the best use of technology in the surgery.
  • Attune Rotating Platform Knee replacement: This is a knee replacement surgery in which the patient feels that his knee is normal knee when it comes to mobility, stability and functioning of the knees. The minimally invasive subvastus technique with attune rotating platform knee replacement is done in this surgery. A personalized type of knee is made for the patient for the best results and after effects of the surgery.
  • Gender Specific Knee replacement: There are different types of knee replacement techniques which are specifically used for the different anatomy of the human body. The male and female knees are different and the requirements are different which is taken care in this surgical technique.

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Ways in which you can get your knee replaced in India

One of the major health problems which are being faced by Indian people is problem related to legs. There is little or no movement due to the changed lifestyle of the people. Knee replacement especially in the old people is one of the most common problems faced in India. There are various types of surgeries that can be done to get the knee replaced.
Some of the ways to get your knee replaced in India are:
  1. Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement (MIS)
This is the type of knee replacement surgery in which knee replacement is done using an incision that is half the length of the standard size of the knee. This technique helps in reducing the pain and blood loss and there is a comparatively speedy recovery observed.
  1. Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS)
This is a type of knee replacement surgery in which computer is used by the surgeon to align the knee components with the bones more precisely. An imagery guided by the computer is used which can help increase the longevity of the replaced joint.
  1. Bilateral Knee Replacement
This type of knee replacement surgery is when both the knees undergo the same type of surgery by any method. It is done when both the knees are suffering from decreased mobility and damaged cartilage.
  1. Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement (CFKR)
This is one of the best types of knee replacement in India in which CT/MRI of the patient’s knee is taken for getting a three dimensional bone model. The images help in understanding the size of the implant needed and they are sent to US through software. Customised surgical instruments are made for this type of knee implant surgery.
  1. Revision Knee Replacement
Revision Knee replacement is a type of knee replacement surgery that can be repeated several times depending on the requirement. When a knee joint which has already been through surgery is damaged, revision knee replacement is done.
  1. Partial Knee Replacement
Partial knee replacement, also known as Uni compartment knee replacement is a type of surgery in which the arthritic portion of the knee including the cartilage and bone are removed. It is done only when just one part of the knee compartment is severely damaged while the other parts are working well.
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Cost of knee Replacement Surgery in India

The cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India varies depending upon the type of surgery- partial /total knee replacement, unilateral/ bilateral knee replacement, minimally invasive surgery etc. Good knee helps to live an active life. In India a large parts of the society is suffering from knee injury, arthritis or osteoarthritis which also forbids their everyday activities like walking and climbing the stairs, therefore in India and from different parts of the world people prefer knee replacement.

Knee replacement is a surgery or a procedure that repairs the diseased, damaged and worn out tissues off the knee joint. The surgical procedure is also called as knee arthoplasty. Doing work with damaged or broken knee is quite a tough task for any person, but age does it all. The only option available at the end is knee replacement. There are several reasons why people choose to do knee replacement in India. No trouble will be faced in doing the everyday tasks and can sit on floor or stand for long.

In present scenario, there is a great invasion of people arriving for knee replacement India. It’s true, according to the records, there are more than thousands of people who come to India for their medical check-ups and treatments and a greater portion of them is looking for knee replacement surgery in India.

You might be amazed why so? India is a country where medical surgeries and treatments are concerned. In India there are best hospitals and finest (knowledgeable) surgeons who are capable enough to provide the best and world class knee replacement surgery and treatment that too at cheaper and affordable cost as compared to others.

Cost of knee replacement in India

Indian hospitals recognised the significance of excellent health and well-being of patients and therefore have objectives to provide best knee replacement in India at honest affordable prices.

  1. Knee substitution or replacement surgical operation with best orthopaedic expertise in India.
  2. Hospitals in India offer feasible cost and price rates.

The replacement cost in India for knee starts from USD 5000 and differ with type of process, quality of implant, expertise, facility and the city where one choose to get the surgical done. It has become a walkover in India nowadays. At present mobility of knee has increase to a great extent. It has evolved surprisingly and today hospitals have cutting-edge equipment for attaining the surgery. Seemingly, there are different types of knee replacement surgical operations on much damaged and deterioration is there or the condition of your knee.

The average price rate of a total knee replacement surgery is around 3, 000 dollars to 9,000 dollars which means 2-6 lakhs INR.  It usually varies with the hospital and treatments provided. In Mumbai the cost of knee replacement is Rs 75000 to 2 lakhs, some additional cost of Rs 15,000 to 20,000 which is necessary for a good recovery.  For unilateral replacement cost is 5000-6000 and 11000-12000 for bilateral.

Hence knee replacement or knee arthoplasty is done to provide relief from acute pain that is osteoarthritis. If in case of total knee replacement artificial joints are used to substitute the knees which in turn necessitate surgery and hospitalization.