Make Your Knee and Hip Surgery in India Reality

Knee and hip surgery in India is safe, secure and effective procedure with invasive and higher success rate of about 90%. The successive outcome for the hip and knee replacement surgery is due to the progression and development in the science of the hip and knee replacement implantation, experience and training of the specialist in India from the recognized and prestigious institution from across the world. There is an increment in the population of the knee and hip replacement patients who are seeking their surgery in India. Hip and knee replacement surgery is a practice and technique in which a doctor surgical eliminates the painful hip joint with arthritis and substitute it with an artificial joints often made from plastic and metal constituent. Such a procedure is done when all other treatment alternatives have failed to provide satisfactory and tolerable pain relief.
Particularly in hip surgery procedure can be performed traditionally or by utilizing which is taken into account as a minimal intrusive technique. The actual difference between the two methods is the size of the incision. During the course of standard hip replacement surgery, the patients are given normal anesthesia to relax their muscles by doing this patient is free from any pain during the surgical operation or any consciousness of the techniques.
The surgeries performed under the expert supervision that has more than 20 years of experience in their profession. In India hip surgery hospitals have other advanced practise with them that can make the surgical operation easy and successful. Numerous worldwide patients have been efficiently and successfully treated in India. The country India is the best alternative for international patients because they receive outstanding service at reasonable prices and without any long wait they can treat their ailment and disease and live their life at their fullest.
Whereas knee surgery is done for individual with severe knee damage, hence knee replacement can relieve pain and allow you to be more active. When the patient have a total knee replacement the doctor or surgeon eradicate injured or damage cartilage and bone from the area of the patient knee joint and substitute them with an artificial surface of plastic and metal.
The knee surgical operation is done with surgeons in India seems easy and assuring: better mobility, less pain or nearly almost of youth. India has carved or engraved name for itself and protected the top spot when it comes to the list of most well-known nation state for high quality and affordable priced orthopaedic surgeon.

Benefits of knee replacement surgery in India
There are numerable people worldwide you are in need of the knee and hip surgery and face problems due to high cost of knee and hip replacement surgical operation and therefore India is one stop destination where people come because of high quality and affordable replacement surgery. India provides compassionate and caring staff, having internationally accredited hospitals, along with attractive packages by medical tourism companies. The patients are guided in the presence of a well trained physiotherapist and best pain relief medications. This knee and hip surgery replacement procedure is the widespread procedure among the lot.


How To Turn Joint Replacement Surgery in India Into Success

The greatest success story in the history of the medical science is the Joint Replacement Surgery in India. The usually performed procedure is the knee replacement and hip replacement surgery. From the 17th century efforts have been made to accomplish success in both the hip and knee replacement surgeries with numerous supplies. The replacement surgery is the effective medication to provide relief the pain and reinstate the function in severely diseased joints.
The joint replacement surgery is acknowledged as a miracle of modern surgery. Joint Replacement is a clinical procedure in which parts of an arthritic or injured joint are removed and replaced with a ceramic device, metal or plastic called prosthesis. The prosthesis is devised or designed to imitate the movement of a normal healthy joint. Thousands and hundreds of hip and knee replacement surgeries are performed in India making it one of the most usual orthopaedic procedures performed today.

Network of surgeon
In India, Joint Replacement hospitals have a pool of surgeons, specialist and health care amenities in the field of orthopaedics. The surgeons have an extreme knowledge and have treated all possible deformity and disorder to define the most appropriate course of action for those conditions affecting bones and muscles. Specialists or orthopedic surgeons have their education and training in some of the world class institutes in India and abroad. As the physician or medical practitioner put forward their focus on constant innovation, this is because the joint replacement surgeries are performed at surprisingly affordable prices. Abreast of the latest knowledge and know how is done by the experts and surgeon. Therefore replacement surgery in India is the most suitable course of options the physician will work with the patients to schedule it at the best available amenities in India.
In present time Joint Replacement surgery or therapy is becoming very common day by day with hips and knee joint occurring frequently. Patients come from all walks of life and from different facets of the world for surgical treatment. The minimum amount of surgical operation coupled with a very invasive success rate. Among all the nation-state India is the best landing place for successful knee and hip replacement surgery, a team of top surgeons and best hospitals in India fills all over treatment in affordable cost or quite reasonable prices as compared to other countries. There is an instant increase and progress in the number of patients undergoing hip and knee replacement surgeries because the rate of implantations has reduced significantly in the recent past. Various range and variety of implementation are available.
A special thanks to the innovation and advancement in medical technology or Science, there are numerous joint replacements present today to benefit the individual needs of the patients. In India from implantations with 180 and 360 degrees motion to 3D printed knee implantations, there is no such thing which isn’t available to benefit patients with different severity of osteoarthritis. Several joint replacement technologies are available that proffer much higher benefits and advantages ensuring positive outcomes.

The Best Way To Hip Joint Replacement Surgery in India

Looking at the present scenario India has now become the hub of medical tourism due to the world class internationally acclaimed hospitals, well trained and experience surgeons for hip joint replacement in India. There are many people all over the world that prefer hip joint replacement in India due to the quality of the treatment and also because of the hip replacement cost in India.
If you are unaware about what is the hip replacement, in simple word replacement is the process of replacing the hip joint which may be injured or damaged due to the arthritis, injuries, fractures or a bone tumor. A ball and socket mechanism is a hip joint that helps a person to move their legs for daily activities.
Hip joint replacement is clinical method in which the hip joint is substituted by an implantation more precisely a prosthetic implantation and also called as joint replacement surgical operation. The aching and pain in the hip is caused privately due to rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, fracture and aseptic bone necrosis. The ache and pain can be treated and curved by medication and rehabilitation, but in actual the pain is unbearable and it becomes even more difficult to walk, in such condition the individual needs to choose for hip replacement surgery.
Cost in India for hip replacement depends on various things such as the type of hip replacement surgical operation, the experience of the surgeons as the best hip replacement surgeons in India. The cost of hip replacement surgery in India is much cheaper when compared to other developed countries in the world.

Various benefits from hip replacement surgery
Among the most common surgeries is the joint replacement surgery and has been refined and is at present perhaps the most effective method ever planned for enhancing mobility and relieving pain among those stricken with deteriorating joints conditions. In today’s time hip replacement has become a relatively routine procedure. Hence the patient is given general anesthesia, and incision is made that let the doctor or specialists access to the affected hip joint and damaged or worn constituents are removed and replaced with artificial constituents typically made of ceramics or metal.
If you are wondering just what are the advantages of the hip replacement surgical operation they are many and varied which includes:
1. Improved or enhanced mobility: While lessoning aching and pain is often first on the list of reasons why people undergo hip replacement surgical operation, the ability to reinstate flexibility and mobility isn’t far behind pain reduction. One of the major advantages of having a hip joint replacement is that it can improve or lighten most of the pain related with degenerative conditions of the hip joint.
2. Enhance quality of life: There are various things which are more disheartening or depressing that being immobilized by plan. However in the vast mainstream or majority of cases the benefits of hip replacement surgery will so far outweigh the risks of total hip replacement surgical operation.

Oxford Knee Partial Knee Replacement

Oxford Knee Partial Knee Replacement

I had an opportunity to attend hands on workshop cum certificate course on Oxford knee ( Partial knee replacement) , conducted by the pioneer of this technique, Dr. Christopher Dodd . It’s a good thing that they don’t allow anyone to do this surgery, unless one has done the certificate course of this . I am feeling honoured and privileged on being allowed to perform this cutting edge surgery.
Oxford knee partial knee replacement can be offered to approx. 25 % of the patients who have been advised total knee replacement. It has following advantages over total knee replacement , although the surgery in itself is very exacting, precise and demanding:

1. It is performed through a very small incision. Hence , it has been named microplasty .
2. As there is very less soft tissue handling, this is a less painful surgery.
3. It’s a bone preserving surgery, as there is very minimum bone cuts .
4. Patient starts walking on the same day of surgery. He needs a stick for walking, not a walker .
5. There is no role of physiotherapy after this surgery, while after total knee replacement physiotherapy is to be continued at least for 3 – 4 months .
6. Patient is discharged from the hospital just after 1 – 2 days , just like any other surgery .
7. Postoperative discomfort and stiffness rate is very less .
8. Chances of infection is very minimal, less than 0.01% .
9. Patient becomes normal within 3 – 6 months .
10. It follows kinematics of the normal knee , leading to normal movement.
11. Patient can squat , sit cross legged and on the ground after 3 – 6 months.
12. Success rate ( survival rate ) of this procedure is 95% after 20 years of surgery.
13. If knee becomes bad due to increasing osteoarthritis, it can be converted into total knee replacement later on .

Phew …… And the list goes on about the advantage of Oxford Knee above Total knee replacement in the selected patients.

The Secret of Knee and Hip Surgery in India

Knee and Hip Surgery in India

Knee and hip replacement surgical operation is typically done by orthopaedic surgeons. India offers best orthopaedic surgery in comparison to  best surgeons in the world at  reasonable prices also offering medical care multi-speciality hospital providing high quality treatment and patient care . The joint replacement surgeries  are generally suggested due to destruction of the joint  caused by osteoarthritis or accidents that hinder a person’s range of movement, tractability and ease.

Resurfacing of knee and hip is perfectly done in India with implantations, doctors and best supportive facilities. The availability of knee and hip replacement in India comes with reasonable packages in comparison with other developed nation state.

Replacement surgical operation of knee and hip is usually performed by orthopaedic specialists whereas they cut or sculpt out and change the injured or dented segments of the knee and exchange it with man-made (artificial) joints as implantations for better mobility. With the impressive network of multi-speciality hospital groups, diagnostics and day care facilities are available in the healthcare vertices.

The country India proffers excellent knee and hip resurfacing treatments and medications at 70-80% which is less than prevailing USA or UK rates. Knee and hip resurfacing is exactly demanding and needs precise planning and also a multiplicity of odd-on in terms of implantation accessories will be required  to be made available in the operating room before commencing surgery. Such replacement is also called as arthoplasty, which is a surgical process to resurface a knee dented by arthritis.

The branch of medicine which deals with treatment of dislocation and injuries of bones and muscles is orthopaedic. It is basically the study of muscular as well as skeletal system together called musculoskeletal system. This system is responsible for giving shape, support, stability to the human body and the ability to move. There are many people who take help from an orthopaedic surgeon for injuries and ailments related to hip and knee bones like infections, tumour, spinal issues, sports injuries, replacement of knee, arthritis and other disorders are cured by an orthopaedic surgeon.

The surgeons and expertise first go through the patient’s medical reports and then recommend the options available. If it can be cured by non-surgical methods then the same will be recommended. The surgeons work hard to make the joint replacement surgery 100% successful with the best available facilities in India.

Treatment or medication in India

There are appropriate treatment facilities available for bones and joint injuries in India like osteoporosis, sports injuries and to name a few. There are thousands of medical tourists from across the globe who visit India for Orthopaedics surgery for two reasons- first the knee and hip replacement cost in India is much more affordable as compared to other countries and second, the quality of health care facilities are outstanding. There are modern tools used in health care facilities for different surgeries like cartilage replacement, spine injuries, broken or cracked bones, scoliosis, etc. which are treated in a careful and appropriate manner. In India, joining and steadiness of the spine or merging of the spine and other complicated bone issues are treated in a complete manner with modern technologies, which meets the international standards and hence many people come to India for various joint replacement surgeries.

The Best Joint Replacement Surgery in India

Joint Replacement is a surgical treatment that lets total relief from pain and enhanced quality of life for patients who are in anguish or torment from aching and painful joints. The orthopaedic specialist has all-encompassing experience with joint replacement and competent of proving outstanding result for both adults/grown up and children. There are so many reasons for needing a knee and hip replacement but the most usual cause is arthritis, a devastating disease or syndrome.

At initial phase physiotherapy, splints, diathermy and medicines can regulate pain. Later on the replacement surgery of the damaged area of  hip or knee joints made up of specialized alloy metal and high density polyethylene is positioned. Joint surgical operation is well defined as a substitution of worn out arthritic joint in the body with man-made (artificial) instils or implant for pain relief, amplified or increased mobility and movements.

With the progression and advancement of modern mechanization joint replacement surgical operation is safe and efficient to alleviate pain, deformity and relief or benefit patients restart usual activity .The accomplished result of Joint replacement in India is without doubt equivalent and comparable with the best in the world. Joint replacement is taken into account as one of the surgical procedures which enables the patient to live-richer, more active and  pain free life .

Although the success ratio of the joint replacement surgery in India would be dependent on several factors including orthopaedic surgeons/specialist, expertise of the support staff, infrastructure of the clinic, patient selection , etiquette and infection control practice of the Hospital. So, amongst the best hospitals globally, India’s success ratio or percentage for Joint Replacement Surgical operation is more than 95% which is comparable to the preeminent in the world.

When compared to various leading nations like USA or UK, India is more popular as a healthcare tourism destination. This is not only due to availability to the most advanced and developed medication or treatment techniques , but also due to providing  these treatments at reasonable and cheap costs and is easily feasible at the Indian Hospitals.

India has an exceptional advantage of providing treatment as a presence of outstanding medical tourism consultant like Joint Replacement Surgery Hospitals in India, which are counselling and treating a numerous number of medical tourists for many more years. There are explicit and precise therapies present for bones and joint syndrome.  The obsession and maintenance of the spineal health or combination of the spine and other intricate bones issues are treated in all-embracing manner in India.

The specialists have broad knowledge that they have seen and handle every possible syndrome and injury of muscles and bones. The Experts tackle out the possible conditions of the muscular skeletal system. The utilization of latest technologies in India meets the International Standard and hence a lot of people from various walks of life visit India. The personalized medication and surgical operation packages have made Joint Replacement Surgery in India highly realistic and equitable.

Advantages Of Hip Joint Replacement Surgery In India

Hip Joint Replacement Surgery in India

Hip Resurfacing One of the advance and revolutionary medical technique. India is the first to introduce Hip Replacement process in the Asian sub-continent. Many people suffering from arthritis from across the world visit India to go through Hip Resurfacing not only for the effective cost but also for the professionalism and facilities. Hip resurfacing is like a blessing for younger patients, because there is negligible bone loss and almost usual unhindered movements and functions with 99% success rate.

Many hospitals in India provide superior treatment for different hip disorders along with arthritis. They also have the excellence of performing the Hip Replacement process in India. There is an assurance of 99% for the procedure to be successful and is highly beneficial for comparatively young patients facing secondary arthritis.

Total Hip Replacement

A Total Hip Replacement surgical operation is a specialised joint replacement surgery done in India whereas the diseased cartilage and bone of the hip joint is surgically substituted with man-made (artificial) materials called hip prosthesis  which usually is US FDA approved. Patients with dented and injured hip joint either due to Trauma, wear-and-tear arthritis, or some other cause should take into account hip replacement to become freed from pain and worsening daily activities  in order to preserve the standard and quality of the life.

One of the usual cause for hip joint replacement surgery in Osteonecrosis which occurs due to scarce or insufficient blood supply to the ball segment of hip joint, the bone may breakdown or deform. The specialist in India advise a hip replacement surgical operation if pain continues despite treatment, pain deteriorate or worsen with walking, pain inhibits or restricts with your sleep and affects the proficiency to reach downstairs or make it problematic to rise from a settled positioned.

In India Hip Replacement Surgery is firstly envisioned for use in people who are in dire need of a hip resurfacing at younger age and therefore are likely to be more vigorous or energetic.  The proximal or top portion of the thighbone which is damaged by arthritis and is changed with a metal head that can be strengthened and paved with special glue , called bone cement , to the stalk of the thighbone. The socket is exchanged with a metallic cup and high density plastic is utilized as an insert into it. Hip Replacement process allows renovation of the natural floating motion of the joint.

Proxima Hip Replacement

The proximal hip replacement is also superlative for young patients. In this minimally-invasive process, the portion of the thighbone to the point or centre where it begins in shaped and changed by a metal head. This fits in a metal cup that is attached into the socket. Through minimally- invasive procedures some hip surgeries can also be implemented.

Success Ratio for Joint Replacement in India

The extension of excellent hospitals orthopaedic expertise has made their patients with the surpassing well planned assistance. The physically tested medications and rehabilitation packages have made hip resurfacing surgical operations successful and affordable in India.